Who Is Cammie?

Hello Friend,

I’m Cammie and I’m here to serve you and help support you on your journey of inner wellness. Congratulations for coming this far to check me out.  Whether you are here out of curiosity or skepticism I totally get it because I was just like you.  It’s brave either way to peek into the realm of healing and self-discovery.  So welcome and I hope you decide to stay awhile.

In 1989 I set out on a very personal journey seeking self-betterment due to a traumatic life experience which was manifested from my dysfunctional life.  I had to do something because my life wasn’t working on any level.  I had hit my bottom I only had two choices.  Get help or die.  Thankfully I found the courage and the will to set aside my shame and ask for help.  Never would I have believed it would lead me to where I am today, a much happier, improved and aware person.

The past 30 years have taught me how to help and heal myself and share my life lessons and techniques with others.  My journey has led me to become certified and well practiced in many self-mastery and mystical areas.  Certain therapies, modalities, practices and traditions have given me wonderful results in improving my life and the lives of those I care about.  For that soul reason I am dedicate and committed to offer what I have learned and pass on what I know to work.

I am not one for titles or labels; however, I feel credibility is important to establish that first sense of trust.  Therefore my many years of learning and practice have blessed me with the following designations: Master Energy Healing Practitioner, Certified Transformational & Energy Coach, Intuitive Spiritual Guide, Personal-Development Teacher and International Best Selling Author.

As an energy channel for healing and spiritual messages I am able to provide clarity and insight for my clients. It is my passion to understand people and help them find the purpose of why they are here. It is my calling and pleasure to help enhance and better others so they can identify and be free to live their truth in harmony and balance within the world. I do this from my heart.   Through energy work and by creating custom programs, mixed with intuitive guidance I assist and work with my clients to find inner wellness and vitality to achieve the goals and desires that become their beautiful reality.

Thank you for letting me share,

With love, compassion and harmony,