Energy Healing and Coaching

I first came to know Cammie at the horse barn where she boards her horse. After running into both her and him a few times it became evident that she possessed a special talent and that her life calling was to share it.

I personally experienced her “Energy Healing” after a bite from a horse which left my finger throbbing. Cammie quickly took my finger and began to administer her healing magic, within no time at all the pain was gone and I was left with new found openness. It became apparent that “EnerWellness” was exactly what I needed to help me heal and grow spiritually as well as physically. With Cammie’s guidance and expertise I have been directed onto a path of self growth using “Energy Healing” and “Life Coaching” session support

Cammie has also helped other family members to branch out on their spiritual path and grow.

Thank you Cammie and “EnerWellness”!

Cathy L.

Intuitive Transformational Coaching and Theta Healing

Cammie has assisted me many times during pivotal times in my life with her sessions. After sessions with Cammie, I am always calmer, happier and leave with clarity on forward movement. Cammie is always spot on! Most recently I experienced a Theta healing session with Cammie which helped me dramatically during a time of grief and loss. Thank you dear Cammie for always helping me through my most vulnerable life moments!


Meditation and Spiritual Coaching

I got in touch with Cammie because I knew I was feeling overwhelmed with life and wanted to learn how to meditate. Cammie walked me through several styles of meditation that were very helpful. I then chose to continue working with her as a life/spiritual coach. Cammie is an excellent teacher, I have learned so much in such a short time. We identify what I need to work on next in my journey and she works me through it. She is efficient with our time by giving me “homework” that encourages me to explore myself and take ownership of my own growth. Cammie is always available for questions and support between sessions. I look forward to continuing my journey with her.

Brenda B

Tarot Coaching

Hi Cammie – First of all, I wanted to thank you with my whole heart for that! I had such a fantastic session with you, and it got me on the road to a much better work environment! I felt an incredible lightness following our appointment – even my husband commented on my smile when I got home.

I wrote down everything I could remember from our conversation when I got home, and I read it on a regular basis for inspiration. You have incredible insights, and many of the things you said to me truly resonated and gave me the strength to deal with some difficult situations at work. Over the last while, I had felt like I had lost touch with who I truly am, and you somehow just “got” me.

Thank you again for all your wonderful help! You have made an amazing difference!

I would really like to book another session with you soon.

Sending big hugs of heartfelt gratitude to you!

Mel T.

Energy Healing and Coaching

After having lower back pains as well as business stress I decided to try a treatment Reiki session for the first time with Cammie Ritchie. Being in the health and fitness industry myself as a strength and conditioning coach for over 30 years I have been very interested in this form of healing. My experience with Cammie was very informative as she explained everything that she was about to perform which made me feel very comfortable. The session was done in a beautiful setting and set the tone as I walked in. Not knowing what to expect Cammie again with her positive energy and warmth made me instantly feel at ease and in a good frame of mind. The session was excellent and very fulfilling in many ways . I would highly recommend Cammie to anyone seeking to improve their lives and relieve many kinds of pain both physical and mental. I look forward to my next session !


Director/Founder of Konopka hockey development camp
Owner/Head strength coach at Gladiator Strength & Conditioning

Mindfulness Meditation and Long Distance Healing

When my father in law was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, my family was completely distraught. We knew that keeping a positive mindset could help my father in law in his fight against cancer. My first thought was to call Cammie Ritchie as I had personally used her for business coaching in the past and knew that she was exactly what we needed. Her warm, thoughtful and caring nature helped my father in law dramatically. Cammie did home visits for my father in law since he was often too weak after going through chemo treatments. However, after visits with Cammie, he felt uplifted and revitalized. In fact, his wife often noted how his appearance looked different immediately after his visit with Cammie. I believe it was her ability to help him begin healing.

I also sought Cammie out to do a long distance healing for my father in law and found this to be a great decision. Whether it was a visit in person or a long distance healing, Cammie’s presence was felt and appreciated by the entire family. I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of using her for healing. My father in law has learned not only to remain positive but, he also gained techniques to make him stronger and begin to heal himself. Thank you Cammie for helping my family in this difficult time.

Liza W.

Pet and People Energy Healing

Cammie Ritchie, what do I say? I have seen and felt firsthand the amazing things Cammie does with her energy healing. Understanding and rationalizing isn’t necessary neither is fear. I don’t understand it but it has worked on a horse at my barn who was in critical distress, plus on a puppy who was injured when it accidentally got run over by a wagon and was in pain and couldn’t walk after that accident. Cammie came rushing over and did her thing immediately in both cases. The puppy got up and started to play like nothing ever happened. When the vet arrived for the horse the horse was not in distress and tests showed nothing amiss. Just recently she also helped my dog, Ben, who re-injured a leg that he had surgery on and I thought I’d have to call the vet since he couldn’t move and was shaking uncontrollably. I called Cammie to help him. She saved me a vet bill and Ben was fine and up and moving right after her treatment like nothing happened. I also have gone and had energy work with her. I found it helpful and relaxing plus I felt better. I recommend her. Take the time, see Cammie, for you or your pet. She helps and you will feel better. Thanks very much Cammie.

Liz A.

Equestrian Facility Owner