All energy healing services that EnerWellness offers is intended to harmonize and support your body and over all well being. The Energy Healing modalities are non- medical therapies and are an integrative approach to healing and good health maintenance. They are intended to provide gentle, non-invasive, drug-free healing that treats the whole being by addressing problems at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. All applications offered on this site have been professionally learned and certified to practice. As well, most of our practices are intuitively channeled to receive multidimensional guidance to help you reconnect with your inner self healing, wisdom and to obtain answers that offer you peace of mind.

Disclaimer: Any form of Energy Healing on this site is a complimentary form of healing and not a cure. It is intended to open up a Being to better and faster healing as needed which may lead to a cure. All energy healing is to work with any other healing or medical practices. Always seek professional medical help for yourself and pets when you have health concerns. Energy Healing is not intended to replace professional medical attention or prescriptions.

Clearing and Coaching - Special introduction 2 hour package

The 2 hour session does a full energy clearing from head to toe.  This unblocks any old energy being held in your physical body and energetic fields that’s holding you back from getting on to where and what you want in your life.  The second half is when we do a tarot coaching session.  This part of the session points out more material blockages and the coach offers suggestions and tools to the client to break down and deal with these obstacles so they can get moving forward with their life more confidently.

$175.00 taxes included

Energy Clearing, Balancing and Healing - 1 hour

This is a combination of energy modalities, Reiki/Aqualead/Theta Healing, to clear a person’s energetic fields.  We work on finding and moving out any old, stagnant, negative energy that is stuck within the client’s energy fields – body, mind, emotions and soul.  Once the old energy has been released we bring in new energy to the client.  The client will feel deeply relaxed and light with the experience and leave feeling more energized, refreshed and prepared to deal with all life’s ups and downs.

$100.00 taxes included

Animal Energy Healing - 30 mins - 1 hour depending on the animal

Animals respond easily and positively to Energy Healing when they feel it and they feel faster and deeper than most humans.  Reiki is the base modality for treating an injured, ill, stressed, or abused animal.  I also bring in other supporting energy modalities and intuitive communication when working with an animal.  This method of healing is gentle, non-intrusive and works independently or compliments other medical procedures in place. It will never hurt an animal or interfere with any medicines or medical practice. In many situations Energy Healing enhances and quickens results of existing medicines and other forms of traditional and alternative treatments.  It is recommended a minimum of 3 treatments be performed although often one treatment shows remarkable changes.  It is a very relaxing and calming form of healing and is often used to help a pet transition easily at end of life.

1 hour session, in person $85.00/hour. 3 sessions are recommended for proper results – 3 session in person package $225.00. Travel fee within Ottawa area $10.00. Long distance energy healing $65/hour – includes energy healing and emailed report. Taxes included

Theta Healing® - 1 hour

This is a meditational and muscle testing process that creates physical, psychological and spiritual healing with focused intentions/prayer through Source Consciousness.  We bring our minds into a Theta state where we can work on changing things on a DNA or cellular level.  This energy healing modality has no religious affiliation but a belief in a Higher Source or Creative Force Energy will help lead the client to wholistic wellness.

$100.00/hour taxes included

Tarot Coaching - 1 hour

Tarot Coaching lays out a visual story using traditional tarot cards for the client. The client will be coached on any physical, emotional and mental obstacles that are presented through the cards or intuitively.  The goal is to uncover and break down blockages so a client can zero in and focus on how and when to take the best steps to create their own desirable destiny.

1 hour in person - $90.00/hour. Long distance $75.00/hour. Taxes included

Meditation Private One/One Course - 4.5 hour course

This is a private one/one meditation teaching course for an individual who wishes to learn how to create a meditate practice.  You will learn the principles and practices of various forms of mediation and be guided to practice a meditation with the instructor as you progress through the program.  You will also receive an essential energy clearing on your first session to release any stagnant energy so you will be clear to open up to meditation with ease.  The first session is 2 hours long which includes the energy clearing and an introduction to meditation.

4 session course - $300.00 plus taxes

Meditation Workshop - 6 hours (10am – 4:00pm)

In this group workshop you will learn the steps to begin an easy, daily meditation practice.  You will be introduced to the basics and different types of mediation so you will feel comfortable choosing the correct practice to fit with your needs and lifestyle.  Any fears, self-doubt or uncertainty regarding meditation will be discussed and released. During the workshop you will be guided into practicing each step in meditation with the group.  You will leave at the end of the day with everything you need to engage in your own personal meditation practice.

  1. Introduction and the beautiful benefits of meditation.
  2. Thoughts and stillness are not our enemies.
  3. Importance of breath –Breathe Baby Breathe – meditation.
  4. Mantra/mindful meditations – OM and or not?
  5. Moving/Grounding meditations- Planting roots for mediation.
  6. Metta/Healing meditations – Yes! You can be your own healer.
  7. Share and Q/A

Introduction to start a meditation practice. Organize your own group. One day workshop $149.00/person. Min. 3 people group. Plus taxes

Spiritual Coaching and Life Guidance -

Cammie is a Certified Transformational & Energy Coaching who works to help you improve your life or/and business through positive change. She helps you get into a state of inner awareness that brings deeper understanding, insight and realignment when you feel stuck or lost. She can provide the direction you need to get you on the path of higher achievement. As your coach I work on the whole person, practically and intuitively. The focus is to zero in on the area(s) that is holding you back from having a full and rich life that you desire. Together we will work on the most comfortable and useful ways to attract and create possibilities and opportunities into your energy field. The coaching is transformational and will bring you into a higher degree of awareness, consciousness and productivity which creates a vibrant life of vitality and happiness. Change will happen and miracles will be manifested. For more details of the coaching program contact Cammie. Coaching packages are for 3, 6 and 12 month durations depending on your quest and destination.

$135.00/hour plus taxes

Workshops and Courses -

Throughout the year I offer various workshops and courses that focus on self-betterment and others that are just plain fun and entertaining which allows our inner creativity to come out and play which helps us release old, stagnant energy. I am constantly writing and delivering workshops and courses on topics such as:

  • Journey to Spirit (Introduction on how to connect to your intuition, psychic self and Spiritual Guides)
  • Traditional Healing Magick (herbs, oils, crystals, spells and potions)
  • Arts and Crafts (Various classes to create your own Divination tools)
  • Universal Laws (What are they and how to work with them)
  • Energy Healing (How you can help heal yourself )
  • Chakra Healing and Balancing (Clean and Charge your body’s energy packs)
  • Mindfulness and More (Life is not meant to be hard so learn to make it easier)
  • Releasing Your Hidden Goddess (Sexy is Strong – working your Feminine and Masculine Energies)
  • Celebrating The Solstices (Sacred Circles and Ceremonies)
  • Drum Circles (learn to drum and relax with crystal singing bowls)
  • Blueprint for Success (Self-empowering workshop to Awaken the Greater to manifest and create your desires)
  • Tarot and Tea Leaf Reading
  • And many more …..

Workshop and Course prices dependant on program length and location.


NOTE: Prices subject to change without notice on website. Confirm pricing when booking please.

Disclaimer: The remedies, approaches and techniques described herein are meant to supplement, and not be a substitute for, professional medical care or treatment. You should not treat a serious medical ailment without prior consultation from a qualified healthcare professional

Workshop and Course prices dependant on program length and location.

Three month acceleration life guidance package -

Ask for details and pricing.

Six month Multi-Dimensional Transformation Coaching package -

Ask for details and pricing.