Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation is a learned skill to rest the mind and calm and de-stress the body.

Anyone can meditate. Meditation is not scary. You will not lose your thoughts or become a zen zombie. You do not need to shut off your mind, only be mindful of it. Most think they can’t quiet or still their mind, therefore, aren’t able to meditate. The truth is your brain is not meant to ever be still or without thought. Giving it a rest and controlling your thoughts is all you need to learn to do. Once you do the benefits are amazing.

Doing a meditation practice increases energy and stamina, confidence, patience, insight, immune function, compassion, social connections, focus, will-power and determination. Over all it develops higher levels of self-awareness, control and productivity.

Mindful meditation teaches to tune into one’s self and helps you to relax and be less reactive and more Mindful which reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

Meditation is the ultimate time-out or break from life. It is a simple, quick and inexpensive practice of self-care to free the mind and relax the body in a matter of minutes. Try it. You’ll learn to love it!

Call Cammie to start your own private meditation sessions or organize a group meditation.  See Meditation on Location for more details on bringing meditation to you.