Harnessing Energy for Self-Wellness and Spiritual Fulfilment


You are hear for a reason.  Let’s find out what that purpose is for you.

It is our passion at EnerWellness to give every Being the opportunity and choice to be their very best. We all have a reason why we are here and once we know who we are and what we’ve come to create and do then life gets easier and we obtain optimal well-being.  The purpose of EnerWellness is for you to achieve wellness through harnessing divine energy and tapping into your inner wisdom.  This higher state of consciousness creates a life based on truth, love, and trust with yourself that connects you to the Universal heartbeat and intelligence.  When you wake up to your personal power and pure potentiality you begin to see and live life in a new and magical way that will bring you well-being, empowerment, confidence, peace and freedom.

EnerWellness has been designed as a platform to help you, the curious and open minded, to establish a pure and strong connection to your Higher Self so you can live a happy and healthy life.  When you learn to live mindfully, intentionally and purposely from your true divine self you will consciously be in ONE with the Universal Consciousness.

The Universal Energy is unlimited and available to all of us. This energy has the ability to awaken, guide and help you heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Here at EnerWellness, we respectfully and humbly work in service with you to discover, grow, enhance and support you to achieve and be your greatest self.  We work on the three plains of existence to help you find your soul purpose:

  • Physical Plain
  • Quantum Energy Or Mind Plain
  • Spiritual Plain

Working on mastering each of the three plains of being human will bring you to a state of higher awareness, rich personal empowerment and spiritual fulfillment.

We are in a great re-awakening.  Personally, and globally.  Most of you have forgotten the reason you have incarnated in this lifetime.  You have history and wisdom beyond this life that you have deep within you on a cellular level that you have access to at any time to enrich this life.   Perhaps a new concept to digest for some yet if you are reading this you know that something is nudging you to explore your purpose and to wake up to be your highest self and be an important contribution to the world.  Large or small, we all are needed to do our unique and important part in the Universe.

It is time for you to explore and really get to know who you are by uncovering, tapping in and clearing a path to your true self.  If you don’t already know it, you are divine and an eternal entity who is here for a significant reason.  We will explore, discover, and re-awaken your higher self and connect you to the Universal Consciousness.  Once this happens you will see how you have created every reality in your life, and with that same power you have the option to create and experience any reality you desire.

There is no greater feeling than to realize your full potentiality and divinity.  With truth comes freedom.  As you realize your own worth and value you will see your very meaningful contribution to the matrix of life. Whatever you do will expand in your life and add to the Universal Intelligence.  By living your truth, you elevate your own purposeful life and help others to do the same.  You have come to serve for the greater good of Mother Earth in your own special way.  That is so awesome, and we all need you to do this.  I thank you for your courage and bravery to be YOU and being here at this time.  You are a hero for choosing to live here during this time and you did so because you have a purpose to fulfill.  Together let us find that purpose and complete your mission on earth for this lifetime.

We invite you to check out all we offer to assist  you on your personal and spiritual journey.  It is with great pleasure to share tools and experiences and offering transformational coaching and spiritual lessons to help inspire and encourage healing, growth and self-mastery.  As well check out our soul sister school, The Self-Awakening School, where you find online courses, workshops, and programs to assist you in building a great foundation and path to your Higher Self and Spirit.

Thank you for including EnerWellness and The Self-Awakening School on your personal journey to finding optimal well-being.

EnerWellness is not associated with any religion or occult….only LOVE for ALL.

EnerWellness is not a replacement for medical attention. We strongly advise you to get professional medical assistance when you are seeking and needing medical help and advice. All content on this site are presented as complimentary healing options.