We do better with Coaching

“All coaching is, is taking a person where they can’t take them self”.
A coach is someone that gives guidance, direction, encouragement, who walks along side of someone else.
I’m convinced we all need a coach. I know I do. I’ve had a lot of coaches and mentors in my life who have walked with me, spoken to me, supported me, enlightened me and I’m much better for it. Coaching removes confusion and chaos and brings simplicity and clarity into my life. It helps me see who I am, why I am here, what I am to do and where I am heading.
Once I opened up to coaching and stopped being a Lone Ranger type of person I got to where I wanted to go faster and easier. We are not designed to be separate or alone on our journey. We are to unite with others along our path. Many of us tend to want to be their own island. This usually comes from a sense of needing to protect yourself or a trust deficit in others or in yourself which has come from being hurt or betrayed at some point. This is what slows us down in our development and supports the need to have a coach.
We do best when we have the best of other people around us. That is what coaching is. A coach cares and shares. Coaching pours added value into our lives. Building a better you is the best investment you can do to create a better life.