We do better with Coaching

“All coaching is, is taking a person where they can’t take them self”.
A coach is someone that gives guidance, direction, encouragement, who walks along side of someone else.
I’m convinced we all need a coach. I know I do. I’ve had a lot of coaches and mentors in my life who have walked with me, spoken to me, supported me, enlightened me and I’m much better for it. Coaching removes confusion and chaos and brings simplicity and clarity into my life. It helps me see who I am, why I am here, what I am to do and where I am heading.
Once I opened up to coaching and stopped being a Lone Ranger type of person I got to where I wanted to go faster and easier. We are not designed to be separate or alone on our journey. We are to unite with others along our path. Many of us tend to want to be their own island. This usually comes from a sense of needing to protect yourself or a trust deficit in others or in yourself which has come from being hurt or betrayed at some point. This is what slows us down in our development and supports the need to have a coach.
We do best when we have the best of other people around us. That is what coaching is. A coach cares and shares. Coaching pours added value into our lives. Building a better you is the best investment you can do to create a better life.

Transformational Coaching

Who Are You? Why are you here?
What are you created to do?
Where do you want to go?
How will you get there?

Transformational Coaching helps you, the client, better yourself and your life by opening up to self-awareness and making necessary changes. It focuses on who you are and your life purpose. Instead of changing how you act we work on changing how you see yourself. It is a process of metamorphosis just like a butterfly. It requires time and patience, gentleness and nurturing to achieve a beautiful end result.

Transformational coaching is an exploration of the spirit to recognize where you are now and where your heart and soul truly desire to be. To see this you must go within and learn about your true essence. Once you do that we can begin transforming the illusions or stories that have been established from past programming and conditioning. You will experience the most amazing shifts and manifest miracles by changing your self-image, or perceptions about yourself and the limitations that are keeping you small and stuck.
At EnerWellness and Change It! Coaching,, our fullest intention is to empower the client to be able to deal with the problems life throws at them and come out on the other side shining.
We do this by:

  • Developing self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Learning to trust and express yourself fully
  • Knowing the difference between self-love and selfishness
  • Building faith in you and the process
  • Facing fears and false limitations
  • Understanding your core values
  • Taking proper responsibility
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Nurturing and celebrating you
  • Taking time to reflect
  • Acknowledging
  • Creating
  • Taking action
  • Thriving and not surviving

Are you ready to take that first courageous step into a new relationship with life?
Do you want to let go of who you think you should be and get rid of the patterns that don’t serve you?
If you are saying Hell Yes! Then it is time you reconnected with your divine essence within your soul and live life fully as you were born to do.
Take the leap to self-mastery and freedom and ask how coaching can help you.
Call me, Cammie, 613-791-2255, to chat about helping move you forward on your journey to self betterment and fulfillment.